Rubab FAQs

What is the cost of Rabab?

Rubab cost depend on the quality of Rubab, like Rubab wood, Rubab design, Rubab maker, rubab quality and voice etc.

Depend on the maker but estimate price is starting from $60 to $2000.

Where is Rabab found?

Basically rubab was the national instrument of Afghanistan but after Afghan migration we can say Rubab hub is Pakistan.

Is Rabab and rubab the same?

Yes both are the name of the same instrument.

Is Rabab hard to play?

No its same like other string instruments like Guitar, Sitar, oud etc, but because of no standard defined and no research its hard for new learner to learn, but after 2020 day by day data is uploading to internet so soon it will be visible to new learner.

Is rabab from Pakistan?

Rubab origins of history are not clear but lovers, makers, and masters / players are mostly from Afghanistan and Pakistan so we will keep these two countries.

What is rabab called in English?

In english Rabab is call as Rubab or Rabab.

Who made rabab?

What is the origin of rabab?

Rubab is a stringed musical instrument whose origins of history are not clear but everyone has their own opinions and stories about it. So we ignore those things which are just theories and have no as such evidence, but lovers, makers, and masters/players are mostly from Afghanistan and Pakistan so we will keep these two countries in mind while discussing things about the instrument.  Now it is getting popular and is attracting lovers from all over the world

What type of instrument is rubab?

Rubab is a stringed musical instrument.

Is rabab a plucked instrument?

Yes rubab is a plucked (String) Instrument.

What is rabab size?

Rubab can be of any size but mostly useable size is from 26inch to 33inch rubab.

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